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R.M. Kavanagh



The dissolving nature of life and the engagement of the inner mechanics of the human structure fascinates and influences R.M Kavanagh’s work. The fragile nature of human life is what we take for granted until tragedy strikes without warning and then we only take notice. R.M Kavanagh is capturing that instant moment of when tragedy and beauty collide, which leaves him to contemplate the grey areas of life. His work explores the realms of the birth of an idea, it’s existence and then its demise. Does it die or does it morph and evolve into something more manipulative, complex and beautiful to the viewer in order to deceive? We strive for harmony in everyday routine but sometimes the mundane cycle of life drags us down into a subtle dark emotional abyss. With Kavanagh’s work we see the familiar and strange, the disturbing yet illuminating manifestations of an inquisitive and provocative mind.


“As an artist I delve into the areas in life which are uncomfortable to ponder and I create those ideas on canvas leaving an everlasting stain on the viewers mind.”